With the “Perfect Storm of Harm’s Way Threats” that we face today, an uninterruptable supply of basic physical life necessities may no longer be assured as we have experienced in the past. Instead, to live in health economically and sustainably, people require productive local economies that preserve and grow tangible assets that actually support abundant living in sustainable communities . . . for the benefit of those who have capital and for those who don’t.

Sustainable communities may be rural, residential, or be developed in remote locations where agriculturally based living that is renewable without depending upon unstable human engineered infrastructure can support participating populations.  ALL sustainable living strategies and solutions must work locally – where you and those others for you are most concerned actually live and work.

Follow the prompts here in Sustainable Living ALHWaysTM for help in formulating and implementing abundant sustainable living solutions in the place or places where you and yours may reside – whatever the signs of the times.