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Abundant Sustainable Living is the third branch of the ALHWaysTM Tree of Life. Prepared ALHWaysTM helps households, businesses, and entire communities, where people actually live and work, to gain and maintain essential life giving provisions. It’s all about water, food, health care services, critical infrastructure, and other life necessities.  Joyfully, together, we build a simpler, yet better, life in mutually supportive communities within local economies and in varying locales. We seek to gain all of this without depending upon harmful relationships and ungodly practices, the vulnerable financial system and global economy, or upon other threatened and non-renewable resources and practices that may also be subject to disruption or collapse.

Prepared ALHWaysTM concepts for Abundant Sustainable Living do not depend upon government or the global economy. Neither do they exclude any who desire to participate responsibly. We also help the “survivalist” to be Prepared…in Case. For those who haven’t yet “broken the code” to understand that modern society is both unstable and unsustainable, we also help them transition from where they are to where they need to be.

We encourage people to live and work in local communities and economies that are healthful, renewable, sustainable, and that make economic sense – even in the shadow of a crumbling society. We personify this way of enjoying life as the Prepared ALHWays “Tree of Life”. Each of its main elements, or branches, can help families, businesses, communities – and even entire local economies – enjoy productive, life-giving and organic vibrant living as our Creator wants and provides.

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