Abundant Living

450x265 Sustain Living 01A Great Movement is Gathering Momentum

Many people today already currently benefit from elements of Abundant Sustainable Living. Most seem to be motivated by some combination of health, economic, or other lifestyle considerations. The “green”, “organic”, and “pastured” farm product adherents are growing in popularity, and many people are recognizing the dangers in “factory farming”, conventional “healthcare”, “electronic living”, and other widespread threats posed by modern living. Some already live within some form of “intentional community”. We are still just beginning the journey, in terms of making available, broadly within our populations, the benefits of abundant living.

Alarming increases in the homeless and the underemployed threaten to reach historic proportions. Therefore, a sustainable living goal is to help the disadvantaged to become part of sustainable communities.  In this way, they too can enjoy abundant living in wholeness and in the love and dignity befitting those whom God has created in His image. Those who are able will need opportunities to work for food and the other necessities and we must also be prepared to provide for those who cannot work. Those of us who can must help ourselves and others to prepare.


We can live victoriously in union with Christ and God’s Spirit in therapeutic community, and we can do so in nearly any locale and with varying resources available to us.   As we turn towards biblical community living, we find that participants share remarkable capabilities, talents, experience, spiritual gifts, and insights as well as many common needs.

 As we realize how unhealthy, unstable, threatening, and unsustainable modern society has become, our Creator’s offer of abundant living in therapeutic community is a gift that gains appreciation and prominence in our thinking and lifestyles.

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